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Dr. Joe Feret

Dr. Joe received his undergrad degree in Kinesiology at Penn state, where he played soccer. He continued his education at Palmer Chiropractic college in Florida, where he worked with local high school athletes and did a sports rotation at local D1 college. While at Palmer, he spent time in numerous clubs including, Sports Council, Soft tissue, Clinical Neuro and Forward thinking Chiropractic (an evidenced-based Chiropractic club). Since moving to the Roaring Fork Valley, he has volunteered his time working on many local athletes.

When Dr. Joe isn’t in the clinic, he can be found skiing/snowboarding, playing soccer, hiking, biking, and helping with volunteer and social events in the area. Dr. Joe is also a Ski instructor at Buttermilk and involved with the local soccer club, Roaring Fork united as a coach and Board member. Originally from the Philadelphia area, Dr. Joe is an avid Eagles fan.

Dr. Joe’s mission is to help build roaring fork's passions and capabilities in physical activities, especially in sports. 

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Too many people live life in pain.

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